Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shaklee is everywhere!

I am always amazed when I find Shaklee products in a magazine, the news, a talk show. I am reading the November issue of "Natural Health" magazine, on page 50 there is an article on weight loss secret weapons ... Energizing Enzymes. The article tells about the author traveling for a month and returning 4 sizes smaller, much to her mothers amazement! Interesting, I could stand to lose a few pounds! Click here to learn more.

It talks about bloating and cramps and gas after eating and how I could feel more energized and happier just by adding the proper enzymes to my daily regimen. The article goes on to tell us what enzymes help with certain problems. It tells who should take enzymes, the difference between them and probiotics and help with choosing a supplement. So the article goes into how to get a flat belly, mine hasn't been like that since I was 20 something. Click here to learn more.

I turn the page and there it is "Make time for enzymes, these are some of our favorite, widely available brands" and listed first is Shaklee's EZ-Gest. The articles goes on to describe why EZ-Gest is one of the brands to buy. It contains a full-spectrum of digestive enzymes so you can eat what you love to eat. I know why I trust Shaklee, discover how you can trust Shaklee with your health.

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